Gedanken zu einer basisdemokratischen Wikipedia

Wir alle haben den zunehmend eskalierenden Zustand in der deutschen und ebenso in der englischen Wikipedia verfolgt. Zum Glück ist die Wikipedia Deutschland inzwischen zu Diskussionen bereit.

Ich selbst bin Freund einer umfassenden Wissensvermittlung, aber ebenso Freund einer guten Qualität — und kann daher beide Lager verstehen. Es stellen sich nun die grundsätzliche Frage, wie beide ...

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be aware of the kpartx

kpartx is a very usefull tool if you work with raw images on virtual machines. Sometimes, when the machine does not boot anymore due bootloader problems, you want to just mount the root partition on your host machine. kpartx is what you want.

just use:

kpartx -a /dev/mapper/someimage

and you get blockdevices to mount.

!!! DANGER  ...

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After a short but intense odyssey with a problem tooth, he is finally gone. Internal tooth resorption is a very annoying thing which can happen. The tooth didn’t show any symptoms, no pain, no changes of appearance until one day i had a small blister on the gum which looked at first like a simple ...

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I worked the last weeks on a promising approach to a media/archive filesystem called vaultfs.

With the power of django, python and fuse implementing is a lot of fun with good progress. It’s not yes useable, but some filesystem features like directories and symlinks already work. It’s approach is very different from what I ...

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