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yet another wtf admin story

what can be the reason when a new kernel does not boot ?
As a paranoid admin I use crypted swap partitions, so my crypttab contains something like that:

swap /dev/sda2 /dev/random swap

Thats all right, nothing wrong with that. But why did the server not boot on recent kernels ?

It seems that in recent ...

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building a uber alarm clock

I started a new project some days ago. Some years ago i read about a sleep phase alarm clocks and thought: very nice idea. I wanted to have one but the price is way to high and also the software is closed source. I surely don’t buy a peace of hardware I can’t use the ...

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apt caches on notebooks

Using a apt caching daemon on a notebook is usually pain. Most require to alter the /etc/apt/sources.list which is quite annoying as you have to maintain the different lists for different locations. If the daemon requires you to add repositories, third party repositories are usually not added anyways.

But there is a good ...

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